Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 102
Titre Guidelines for medicines and medical equipment donations ang guidelines for safe disposal of unwanted pharmaceuticals
Rubrique Politiques de santé locales - documents officiels
Auteur Ministry of Health and Social Welfare - Zanzibar
Editeur Ministry of Health and Social Welfare - Zanzibar
Résumé Like many other developing countries, Zanzibar has been receiving many donations of pharmaceutical products from various donor agencies. In most cases, the donations have been in the form of medicine, medical supplies and equipments that may be released in acute emergencies or as part of government aid in non-emergency situations. The recipients of these donations have been RGoZ, religious organizations, local NGOs and individual health facilities. Despite of the donors’ good intentions, Zanzibar has been experiencing several problems associated with donations. Examples include receiving expired medicines or medicines with short shelf life, medicines which do not comply with the Zanzibar National Drug Policy (ZNDP), Zanzibar Essential Medicine List (ZEML) and Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs), medicine not relevant for emergence situations, medicine labeled in a language which is not understandable to Zanzibaris, medicine not appropriate for the level of a prescriber at the intended health facility and alike.
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