Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 226
Titre CLINICAL ENGINEERING FACILITY MANAGEMENT GUIDE Facility Management - Facility Management
Rubrique Environnement technique - Maintenance
Auteur John Clark
Editeur The Air Force Medical Logistics Operations Centre
Résumé The management function that is known as facility management is a fairly new profession in the private sector. In fact, the name was not accepted as a formal title until the end of the 1970's or the early 1980's. But, in the military, as well as other government agencies and university campuses, facility management has been a well practiced profession for some time. So, even though we are involved in a career that is just finding its roots in the private sector, the public applications have developed a successful base to build from.
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Lien site web http://www.who.int/management/facility/overall/en/
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